A family serving families with expertise, compassion, and integrity since 1975.


A family serving families with expertise, compassion, and integrity since 1975.

Why Davidson Estate Law?


Since 1975, the Davidson’s have been helping California families protect their loved ones through all stages of their lives. Estate planning attorneys Steven and Eric Davidson are also members of the WealthCounsel national network of estate planning attorneys, ensuring that their clients get the most up to date legal expertise possible.

Personalized Representation

Steven and his son Eric are the firm’s attorneys, while Joelle (Steve’s wife of over 45 years), is the voice of the firm and handles client services. This arrangement works extremely well, creating a cohesive office environment allowing us to give our clients unparalleled personalized representation and communication that is often missing in larger firms.

Convenient and Flexible meeting locations

Our main office is in Oakland City Center, with branch offices in Berkeley, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, San Jose, and San Mateo.

Additionally, home or health care facility meetings can be arranged if necessary.


Free no-obligation consultation

Estate planning, trusts, and probate are intricate areas of the law that can have unintended, costly, time consuming, and sometimes disastrous consequences if done incorrectly.

Need help figuring out your next step? We’re here to help.


From Our Clients

“Having recently experienced the probate process after my mother’s passing, I did not want that for my loved ones so I looked for someone knowledgeable and trustworthy to help me find a better way to take care of them. I first encountered Steven and Eric Davidson at an estate planning workshop they hosted. I was impressed with the way Steven broke down and explained the complex aspects of estate planning into understandable pieces. As a retired attorney, I was put at ease from the beginning by the in-depth knowledge and guidance provided to me throughout the design and structuring of my estate plan. The fact that Davidson Estate Law is a father-son practice gives me confidence that my estate plan will be monitored and advice provided in order to adjust my plan to reflect changes both in my life’s circumstances and changes in the law. An added bonus is the office support provided by Joelle, Steven’s wife, who patiently answered my questions and responded promptly when I asked for her help. All in all, the Davidson firm helped make a complicated process much less difficult and nerve-wracking and I would be happy to recommend Davidson Estate Law to everyone.”

Dolores G.

Retired Attorney

Steve, Joelle and Eric have been a pleasure to work with! True professionals with a family oriented outlook that really made us feel confident and comfortable with our decision to work with them.

About 5 years ago a business associate recommended that we look into estate law / living trusts, as we had just started a family and it was time to “get serious about protecting our daughter’s future.”

Working with Steve and team was an excellent decision and was time and money well spent!

We just finished up a “refresh” to our Living Trust as our family situation has changed with the addition of another child, job / retirement plan change, mortgage change, and again Steve and team exceeded expectations.

Thank you Davidson Estate Law for your guidance and expertise through a very unfamiliar topic landscape.

Craig H.

Medical Device Sales

“Recently completed our trust and were so happy and impressed with Davidson Estate Law. We have recommended them now to other friends.

My wife and I just had our first kid and so this was top of mind. We did some searching around for estate planning attorneys and Davidson Estate Law ranked highest on our list given their ability to explain all the nuances and extremely thoughtful about how the trust is set-up, while also being reasonable on price and not the type to nickel and dime given we’ve had a few questions outside the trust process.

Eric, Steven and Joelle have been attentive, flexible and professional and appreciate that their specific specialty is estate planning law.”

Niles L.


Practice Areas


Estate Planning & Trusts

Why do you need an Estate Plan or a Trust? Peace of mind. It’s about everyone you love and everything you own.

A properly funded estate plan, including a Living Trust, protects you and your family during life and insures that your estate will pass on to whom you want, the way you want, when you want, and with as little cost and time delay as possible.

Trust Administration

Although a properly funded trust will avoid probate, the trust must still be administered. The administration of a trust is in many ways the most important step. Trust administration occurs after the death of either one or both settlors (creators of the trust), and before any trust assets can be distributed to beneficiaries. Furthermore, to protect the successor trustees, there are many things that must be done to ensure proper administration.


When a person dies without a (properly funded) trust, his or her entire estate (all assets and liabilities they own at death), or select assets, must go through a court mandated process called probate, before any assets can be distributed to their heirs. Probate administration is overseen by a court to ensure that the final settling of the decedent's (deceased person) assets and liabilities is done completely and properly. This is true even if the decedent had a will!

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