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What is covered in the estate planning seminar?


Definition of Estate Planning-The four objectives:

  1. I want to control my property while I am alive.
  2. I want to protect me and my loved ones if I am disabled.
  3. When I die, I want to leave what I have, to whom I want, the way I want, and when I want.
  4. Finally, I also want to save every last tax dollar, professional fee and court cost possible.

TitleNo one understands it and most do it wrong:

  1. Concept – You are not in full control of your hard earned property unless it is titled correctly.
  2. Most people do not obtain legal advice when they buy real estate or open financial accounts and invariably use incorrect title. This often causes unnecessary gift tax and personal liability.
  3. Married couples often use joint tenancy, which is almost always incorrect in a community property state.
  4. Additional discussion about various forms of title appropriate for singles, married couples, domestic partners, business partners, etc.

Disability Planning – Legal Tools – Powers of Attorney:

  1. Common misconceptions as to who will be in control of medical and financial decisions in a medical emergency and/or incompetency.
  2. The different types of powers of attorney and when they are to be used. The critical difference between General, Limited, and Durable Financial Powers of Attorney.
  3. The Advance Health Care Directive – HIPAA and the California Medical Information Act

Disability Planning – Financial Tools:

  1. Powers of Attorney are indispensable legal tools that we all need but don’t protect the family when there is no money. The legal tools need to be coordinated with equally critical financial tools.
  2. The basic financial tools:
    1. Financial/Retirement Planning
    2. Umbrella Policies for lawsuit protection
    3. Life Insurance for family and tax protection
    4. Disability Insurance to protect income flow
    5. Long Term Care to protect the family from ever increasing nursing and home care costs.

Death Planning – Estate Planning Choices:

  1. Do Nothing – Most people – 7 of 10 die Intestate – Costs time/money and there is no control.
  2. Title – Causes gift tax, personal liability and you can lose the asset.
  3. Beneficiary Designation – The Sleeper – Almost everyone has one and they are often completed incorrectly, causing unanticipated nightmarish results.
  4. Will = Probate = Court = Time & Money (Two years & 5% of the GROSS estate).
  5. Revocable Living Trust – Avoids probate – Saves time, administrative costs, taxes and provides creditor, lawsuit, divorce and remarriage protection for surviving spouses and heirs.

Please contact us for information about upcoming estate planning seminars, or to schedule a future seminar.


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